About Counter-Cyberespionage

Always Be One Step Ahead

This is the first line of defense for any employee, contractor, or spouse who has a particular concern for their digital privacy and personal security.

In a day and age where data-breaches are resulting in immediate and direct physical harm, it is imperative to get ahead of the problem, before it becomes one. Each quarter we will embark on a predefined scope of systems and rules of engagement to discover the electronic threat landscape in the modern world. We will attempt to exploit your business based on the parameters outlined, and negotiated. After all, what's the point of illuminating risks if they aren't mitigated?

• Administrative Weakness Review: We
review the policies and or lack their of that create
the procedures needed to satisfy a specific control objectives.

• Technical Weakness Review: From network design and permitting defense technologies, all the
way to internal enclave and compartmentalization. In these areas, we deploy a full scale Vulnerability
Assessment leveraging a Purple Team methodology, whereby we not only test the
configurations for exploitation potential but we map all identified risks to a regulatory control
map for easier distillation to senior leadership

• Physical Security / Open Source Intelligence / Counter Corporate Espionage : We
leverage every aspect of our teams experience, with our nations Intelligence Community
experience. We do this with a number of 3 Letter Intelligence Agencies along with its corporate strategic
insight qualities obtained from maintaining CISO positions with Fortune 100 companies.
Taking into consideration the tactics, techniques and protocols leverages by a varying group
of adversarial components, we assess the exploit brand terrain of your organization.

The Method:

Our team of seasoned exploitation and penetration testing engineers are the best of their breed. They will accommodate every specialized request needed. This is the "in depth" review and vulnerability assessment from a passive technological footprint and deep inspection of both darknet and clear-net sources. We will not only identify with depth the risk exposure of our clients, also we offer a review (when elected) of the Internal 3rd Party Contracting Risk Assessment processes within the client's organization to help develop the most conservative risk acceptance memorandum of understanding within their business relationships.