Strategic Intelligence Service

The Overview

The political landscape of today requires unique digital intelligence and privacy acumen. If you are seeking a solution that will protect the confidentiality, integrity, and privacy of those involved with your campaign, this solution is for you. We take a bespoke approach at securing and obtaining any intelligence about you and your team that could be leveraged as a risk to your brand or campaign.

The Lens of Exploitation Approach: We at Black Alchemy Solutions Group understand the tactics, techniques and protocols that adversaries use to exploit you. Cyber criminals, are leveraged in secret by many institutions that seek to have a competitive advantage in whatever areas of life they represent. Unbeknown to most political campaings, these criminals, hackers and investigators operate in the darkest corners of the internet to faciliate sabatoge against you. Knowing this we contain, and protect the assets, resources and intelligence elements that you hold dear to the success you seek.

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