About Our Training Offered

Become The Teacher

Whether in our personal lives, or at work, cyber security awareness is important for us all. The digital revolution presents huge advantages, but also brings new risks that we need to understand and tackle given our increasing dependence on technology and cyberspace. There has never been a better time to invest in cyber security products, services, and training. This is why our company exists today. Electronic Privacy, Counter Cyber Espionage, Intellectual Property Protection, and Employee Training are all services taught at BASG. We also provide employee onboarding, senior management, and specialized training that is custom-tailored based on the perceived and evident risks observed during our compliance and risk-based vulnerability assessments.

In addition to training your entire staff, we offer the training of a "teacher" within your enterprise. This person would then become the designated "go-to" regarding cyber security and problems that may arise. We will outfit this team member with acomplete inner knowledge of cybersecurity to ensure that your busienss has someone, just as skilled as we are, present at all times. Because cybersecurity is ever-changing this training is ongoing. Periodically we will update your designated teacher with new, appropriate knowledge that we have discovered during our experiences. This way the knowledge provided is always current.

As stated earlier; whether in our personal lives or at work, cybersecurity awareness is important for us all. Take a moment to consider your company's current position on cyber training.