The Answer to Your Call for Digital Privacy

Black Alchemy Solutions Group is a full service Cyber Crisis Mitigation and Personal Security Boutique.

You have privacy problems, all we have are solutions. Bespoke Solutions

The waters of privacy and cyber security are relatively new and uncharted to most. We have circumnavigated the seas of the Darknet, and plotted courses for institutional privacy in the deepest of oceans.

Our Services

Cyber Alchemy Advisory

We offer cyber and personal privacy solutions that no one you know can offer. Our combined public and private sector experience lends us a unique ability to negotiate every situation our clients present.  

Our Clients

There is a 100% chance that since you are reading this webpage, that you are familiar with our clients but you may even know one or two. We do not advertise who we do work with, further more there is no way that any court can discover who we work with either. We are simply better than that.

Who Are "We/Us/Them"

We are the answer to the call the whole world has been asking for when it comes to privacy and cyber security expertise.

Our team is led by a cyber visionary that entered the cyber space in 1998 with the US Navy. From there he worked as a Cyber Exploitation Operative for many US Intelligence Agencies protecting Americas most sensitive missions, and securing her most important assets across the globe.

When it comes to privacy there are very few that can navigate your concerns the ways our team can.

Our team, are the best of breed from all domains of personal security, operational security and cyber security. A Tier 1 outfit of former US Special Operation Forces, US Intelligence Agency Operators and of course a network of Legal Advisors that keep our work in line with the law.

Bespoke Privacy Solutions
Bespoke Cyber Crisis Mitigation Services
Digital Identity Sanitization Services
Counter Cyber Espionage Exposure Assessments
Cyber & Privacy Multi Domain Executive Level & Workforce Advisory
Corporate Bespoke Plans, Protocols and Procedure Development
Catch All Personal & Corporate Security Consulting & Training

J Tate of Black Alchemy Solutions is a top tier professional. His service, professionalism and capabilities are one of a kind. I hereby recommend him without reservation for any of your cyber security needs.

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