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As the name OSINT SCRUB implies, we diligently remove, sanitize all elements of digital fingerprints from every corner of the internet to provide our clients with a bespoke level of privacy, safety and assurance. The scope and depth of this service depending on the election, the perspective of privacy and the pattern of life necessity of the client.

This is not to be confused with the "Opt-Out" services offered online by just about every data brokers child company you see online.

This is why we have expanded the service to the following Level III offering, which provides the personal touch that guarantees the most cyber secure personal or professional existence available.

So What Is Open Source Intelligence Scrubbing and Why?

Attackers are getting hip the measures some people are taking to make them less of a target online. So they are digging deeper into your electronic pattern of life to exploit you.

From Cell Phones, Home Routers, Smart TV, Ring Home Alarms, Nest App Thermostats, Apple Watches, Email Client Configurations, Instagram Accounts, SMS Clients and more.

We assess the clients' electronic pattern of life and review each technology as it is implemented and provide guidance and vulnerability remediation service to each and every aspect of a client's cyber pattern of life.

Bespoken and articulate to the home and office domains of each client they will never have to concern themselves with how a Cybercriminal will get to them or their family.

The Method:

Each person will identify in confidentiality through a secure means, the types of phones, laptops, and other peripherals that they leverage on a daily basis.
The output of this service will leave each person in an operational pattern of life of security equated to those of the US Intelligence Community with relativity to the life pattern they live in.