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Personal Privacy Risk Assesment (OSINT Scrub)

The OSINT Scrub; The nonpareil solution to your quest into digital privacy.

The new target on the block is YOU, the human digital asset.

Cyber criminals, NFT grifters, stalkers, reporters, competitors, leverage your digital footprint from data brokers, hacked / leaked databases and intelligence about you on the Darknet to exploit, extort, and compromise you and those connected to you.

We take a red team approach to your digital online presence.

From reviewing your personal information security hygiene, to completely removing your public but private personal information

Including but not limited to

🎯 Personal Contact Information
🎯 Voting Records
🎯 Home Images,
🎯 Compromised Passwords, and much more) from every data
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Strategic Intelligence Solutions

Are you on a quest to know what digital risks may impact the engagement, campaign or project you are running?

Then this is the answer to your call for privacy.

Strategic Intelligence Service is our flagship intelligence collection, and digital risk intelligence solution.

🎯 We leverage the most advanced Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and Advanced Sensing & Warning technologies to ensure you are empowered with the highest quality of actionable intelligence about your entire campaign.

🎯Adversaries understand that your network, associates, team members and family are often the weakest link in your chain of operational, technical, and administrative security. We know that too, and that is what we fortify.

Counter Cyber Espionage Assesments

We understand the delicate but sinister tactics that the dark side leverages to exploit the nouns (people, places and things) of life.

More often than not, the coup de grace of any successful cyber exploit, is the compromise of a simple but overlooked operational security control.

Whether by ignorance, or lack of cyber exploitation counter measure experience, what fails you could be a devastating blow to your brand, company valuation or regulatory compliance standing.

We provide expertise & training in the following areas.

🎯Organizational Administrative Maturity Assessments : Policy, Framework, Legal

🎯Technical Risk Exploitation & Mitigation

🎯Pattern of Life Security Assessments

🎯 Human Resource and Employee Vetting & Online INFOSEC (Information Security) Hygeine

🎯Counter Corporate Espionage

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We do not want our clients linked to our services longer than necessary. With this specific and
unique offering, we will train your team, or asset identified within the organization, to conduct OSINT monitoring for the client’s brand so they can rely on their own intelligence collection.
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